The London Clinic

Our landscape team was asked to submit design ideas for the main courtyard entrance for the London Clinic, in Mayfair, as part of its general refurbishment that included a new glass façade and green wall by Avanti Architects.

Our area of intervention consists of two spaces, separated by a central glass corridor. The corridor will be sheltered under a glass canopy supported by two rows of 5 columns each. There is no access to the areas neither from the corridor or the lobby. There is also no shelter above the designated areas. The areas are visible from the street through the steel railings, from 5 windows - three on the left and two on the right - as well as from the glass facade that is soon to cover the existing Victorian facade of the Clinic. It is important then that the visual impact is pleasant from all four sides.

Our team will cooperate with talented ceramicist Ipek Kotan to come up with the various shapes of these vessels in a way that will complement the material used. Her material of choice is Limose porcelain, while the interior surfaces of her vessels are experimentations with various types of glazing. After a suggestion from the artist the objects could be made convex instead of concave, eliminating the need for drainage holes to be made on the objects. In that case the glazing will be placed on the outside surface in stripes or clouds.


Client: The London Clinic
Architect: Avanti Architects
Completion: Ongoing