Täby Park, Stockholm

A new neighborhood at the Galoppfältet (Canter Field) in central Täby is being developed comprising residential, commercial, retail, sport fields and a city park.

Tyréns was commissioned to undertake a sustainability analysis of the area to improve the project’s environmental performance.

Tyréns role was to evaluate the study results and produce a strategic plan with recommendations outlining the strategic design objectives necessary to create a sustainable neighborhood.

The evaluation assessed social, economic and ecological sustainability criteria. Through workshops, Tyréns have identified various opportunities and challenges associated with developing a sustainable neighborhood. The goal of the strategy was to create a set of clear standards before the site was developed.

The sustainability analysis has created a platform for further discussions in the project on how to approach the issue of sustainability in the various stages of the project. The analysis also provided a unique knowledge of how different actions influenced with each other, such as how improved ecological sustainability influenced economic sustainability.


Client: Galoppfältet Exploatering, SKANSKA, JM AB
Area: 70 hectares
Completion: 2030