Safe Haven

Frizon, or ‘Free Zone’ is located in Umeå, Sweden. Tyréns held an extensive consultation programme with girls in secondary school and high-school age to understand what made them feel comfortable in public spaces.

The workshops Tyréns held enabled them to design a space which incorporate their thoughts and ideas. What mattered most to them, was ‘security’ and being ‘free from expectation.’ As a result, Tyréns designed one of Sweden’s first public outdoor spaces that is totally focused on young girls. Every aspect of the design incorporates the thinking and input from the engagement process, from the inclusion of plug sockets for them to charge their phones and play music, to the symbols etched into the structure that were designed by the girls themselves.

Lighting was an important feature, incorporated into the roof, to provide illumination during the darker days. The project extends beyond the project brief, as it continues to shed light on gender issues within the planning system and design process.