Sochi Olympic Legacy Masterplan

The Sochi Olympic Legacy Masterplan explored the physical legacy of the 2014 Winter Olympics site. The objective was to provide a sustainable strategy for conversion of the supporting Olympic village land to tourist, commercial and open space uses.

For this international design competition, Tyréns in collaboration with AZMPL, GroundLAB and Orchestra delivered a concept masterplan for the site. A smart detailed phasing, massing, landscape urbanism and architectural strategy was developed for the site based on existing infrastructure.

A dynamic development calculator was put forward, which allowed land-use mix and phased delivery to be analysed as the project proceeded to allow the developer to reduce risk and respond to changing market conditions. The scheme proposed two scenarios: a high-density tech hub and a medium-density resort, which could be woven into each-other on a phased basis.

Scenario 1 is a high density mixed use scenario with a tech hub as the anchor. Scenario 2 is medium density option with resort and residential community forming the key anchor. Both the scenarios look to stitch the site back into the landscape, design around walking and cycling distances, allow high permeability and accessibility to the parklands, connect the sea with the site and allow connections to the existing Olympic infrastructure.


Client: International Closed Competition
Location: Sochi, Russia 

Project Value: Confidential