Our Focus Areas

Smart Cities

Tyréns’ mission as society builders is to bridge the gap between communities and technology through a data driven approach to improving cities for people and planning infrastructure. Our Smart City expertise and provision is listed below.

Smart City Strategy
Layering data, technology and infrastructure systems to masterplan cities and optioneer delivery models.

Smart Mobility and Logistics
Getting people and goods to their destinations in the least amount of time in the most carbon neutral way.

Internet of Things
Connecting devices to ease the user experience for people, buildings, neighbourhoods and cities.

Smart Asset Management
Using technology & IoT to identify maintenance priorities and reduce monitoring costs.

Smart Grid
Demand responsive networks that use ICT to detect and react to local changes in energy usage.

Waste and Recycling
Changing user habits through residential and engineering design.

Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience
Forecasting the impacts of climate change on city infrastructure.

Emerging Markets
Harnessing demographic challenges to advise emerging cities on their infrastructure investment.

Circular Economy
We lead the market in whole lifecycle costing and analysis.

Big Data and Smart Governance
Using an evidenced-based approach to engage citizens in city design and inform policy decision-making.

Business Model Formulation
Advising clients on new ways to deliver utilities to make delivery of smart infrastructure more cost effective and ubiquitous.

Intelligent Design
Creating modularised design components for infrastructure and buildings that automate design units and reduce construction lead times.