For us it is important to get involved in issues that adhere to our values ​​and the good conditions we seek. Therefore, we support annually SOS Children's Villages and the Children's Rainforest. Engaged employees also started WASSUP (Water and Sanitation Support), an independent non-profit organization formed by employees of Tyréns.

SOS Children's Villages
SOS Children's Villages is the world's largest organization that takes care of orphaned and abandoned children and give them a home, a family and an education. Since its launch in Austria in 1949, SOS Children's Villages built and operates children's villages in 132 countries.

Children's Rainforest
Children's Rainforest is a nonprofit organization that works to save tropical forests and endangered environments around them. Tyréns redeemed 625,000 sq rain forest in northern Costa Rica. The forest borders the Santa Rosa National Park, listed as World Heritage.

WASSUP (Water and Sanitation Support) is an independent non-profit organization formed by employees of Tyréns and is open to anyone who works or has worked in Tyréns. The aim is that the money collected by Tyréns employees supporting external projects that deliver tangible results in the form of clean drinking water, improved groundwater situation and functional ecological sanitation. Tyréns management support WASSUP and double employees' efforts.